Manufacturing digitization can transform radically the way this business operates. Our interventions at several client sites through the implementation of solutions helped our customers in:

  • Increasing the speed, the flexibility and the efficiency of the production process
  • Linking orders with Production, optimizing the dispatch of materials, generating invoice and the stock replenishment
  • Reorganizing  the relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Enabling departments and functions to become much more organized and turning them into automated value chains
  • Streamlining warehousing and stock control systems
  • Enabling better process control
  • Preventing defects through the generation of data analytics and predictive techniques
  • Increasing Productivity, improvement of quality and in cost reduction through the implementation of Artificial intelligence and robotics

Optec consultants have a deep experience in the manufacturing business; they achieved several implementations in

  • Food Industries
  • Machinery and equipment’s
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods