Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service

Understand more your customers and recognize more their needs

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty: using intelligent techniques, Dynamics 365 sales turns your data into information. Such analytics are a great way to elevate communication with your prospects and customers.

Improve your service quality: decrease the time of problems resolution using the complete centralized historical data available for all representatives.  Anticipate problems and complications with the clear visualization retrieved by reports and analytics.

Increase support team efficiency: using advanced organizational technologies, the sales team can easily document any interaction with the customer and cross-share it with the whole team without any limitations regarding time and location. This helps in decreasing actions redundancy and show a high level of professionalism.

Increase Operation Efficiency: By means of IoT technology, optimize your service by troubleshooting and detecting problems offsite. Enhance your technical schedule to get the most out of their expertise. Share knowledge to decrease on-site intervention time. Interact with customers by creating self –service portals and conducting automated surveys.

Monitor and deliver successful projects: Manage your projects efficiently by constantly monitoring profitability using all available measurement tools. Deliver on time with respect of budget with the accurate visualization on cost and revenue and predictive insights. Empower resources through effective scheduling and system interaction. Monitor your KPIs and act with agility upon changes.

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