Real Estate and Facility Management

Construction companies acknowledge the need to invest in ERP and CRM systems more than any other industries due to the competitive and challenging market environment.
Our solutions for this industry are engineered based on the integration between all aspects of the construction business such as Planning, management, cost controlling and revenue estimation. The main benefits of our model are:

  • Planning Optimization
  • Monitoring of project status
  • Accuracy in the Estimation of Materials cost
  • Revenue prediction
  • Ease of Data Exchange
  • Improvement in decision makingĀ  process
  • Increase in ROI

Concerning Facility Management, We helped several organizations working in this field by providing appropriate solutions for:

  • Managing the facility
  • Managing the employees working for this facility
  • Assigning and Tracking of Tasks
  • Tracking the skilled people
  • Managing the assets
  • Managing the help desk